How does Curu work?

Curu analyzes the data from your applicant’s credit report, transactions and statement history to create a tailored action plan for approval based on their financial lifestyle.

If you’re a lender, Curu will help you fund more qualified accounts. Rather than saying no to applicants that would normally be rejected, you’re now able to show them the exact steps they need to take in order to be eligible and get approved for the loan.

When you sign up and link your accounts, you'll get recommendation(s) that you can take action on and warnings to prevent you from taking actions that may negatively impact your credit score.

As you make new transactions, credits payments, behavioral improvements and sign up for new accounts, recommendations are automatically updated to keep you on the fastest path to approval.

No credit? No problem! You can sign up for your first credit card directly through Curu. Once you get accepted and create an account with your bank provider, you can link it to your Curu account and get recommended actions immediately!

While we do our best job to estimate if and when you're eligible for a loan, we can't guarantee that you can get a loan or the financial product you are applying for - the approval decision is ultimately up to the lender.

To ensure the maximum security of each of our users, we work with a high level of encryption (256-bits) with our data communication. On top of that, none of your financial data is stored locally on your phone or by Curu. We are also PCI DSS compliant in cases where we process payments directly through the application.

Yes! To ensure our interests are aligned, there is no charge to end-users. Lenders partner with us to help their customers reach the loans they need, so our service is 100% free for our customers. Instead, we make a commission when you reach your financial goal(s).

Did we mention
it’s completely free?