Why reject when you can accept

David Potter, a Bill Gates Scholar, and Abb Kapoor were randomly assigned freshman year roommate at the University of Maryland. When they applied for off-campus housing their sophomore year, they were rejected from every student apartment complex around the University because they didn't have established credit. This is what started the passion that became Curu’s mission of building a more inclusive credit system and eliminating rejection from credit-based decisions.

The first step was understanding credit. After establishing credit for themselves, David and Abb became board certified credit score consultants and worked with hundreds of people, including students, their parents, and immigrants, either build or rebuild their credit score. There was a clear pattern in who they were services, the recommendations they were providing and the impact it was having on their credit scores. That is what inspired the first version of Curu.

Curu enables lenders to approve of more applicants. With its “Approval Dashboard”, lenders can service more of their applicants by helping them become a more qualified account holder.

Curu has helped hundreds of applicants get approved for financial products and reach their financial goals. Whether it’s using Curu’s automated system or working directly with one of Curu’s certified credit consultants, the company has been successful in helping underrepresented consumers become more financially free.

Curu showed me how important it was to start building credit and helped me get my first credit card…and no fear of rejection when applying!
Brandon L. | Senior Loan Advisor

Curu’s mission is to flip the entire credit system upside down and help the people that need credit the most reach their goals. As mentioned before, it’s Curu’s mission to eliminate rejection from credit-based decisions.

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