A group of "gurus" passionate about redefining the future of financial management.


The founders of Curu met their freshman year as randomly assigned roommates at the University of Maryland, College Park. David Potter, CEO, grew up in poverty but fought his way forward, earning a full-ride scholarship from Bill Gates and studying finance. Abb Kapoor, COO, came to America with immigrant parents and has always reached for the American dream through studying engineering & computational finance. Their sophomore year, they both ended up getting rejected for every off campus housing opportunity because of the lack of a strong and established credit score and decided to eradicate this problem from the world.


Redefine finance and credit from a weapon that cripples and abuses individuals, to a system that empowers them.

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The company name is short for Credit Guru, and two guys who at one point barely had any credit were on the way to becoming go-to money experts for their friends. “Part of my passion for credit came from working as a leasing agent at an apartment complex and seeing people get rejected for apartments because they had bad credit,” Kapoor said. Potter and Kapoor soon barreled their way through every entrepreneurial class and program offered at the University of Maryland and Kapoor built Curu’s algorithm. The beta version of Curu takes basic information like a user’s income and monthly expenses, and gives simple actions that can repair a person’s credit score.

Charlotte Business Journal

Abb Kapoor dropped out of college this year to focus on getting his team accepted into a startup accelerator. Now, he is forgoing his plans for a degree at University of Maryland to work full-time on his company, Curu. The startup is the brainchild of Kapoor and his college roommate, David Potter. The two struggled to find a place to live in College Park due to poor or lack of credit history, and decided to build a company around making sure no one else ended up in their situation.

Baltimore Business Journal

Kapoor left school at the end of March, prior to joining Queen City Fintech. He said he and Potter worked constantly on the business, building the platform, testing it, pitching it and marketing it while still in school. And he ultimately realized it wasn't possible to put enough effort into both school and Curu. So he had to choose.

The Rival

“The ultimate goal is to disrupt the credit industry... the way the current credit system is set up it cripples people.” They hope to “cause pressure to cause a change in the industry.”