You don’t like to reject applicants. Applicants don’t like to be rejected.

Improve your lending portfolio by showing applicants the actions they need to take to get approved.


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Through our proprietary data models and algorithms, we are able to accurately determine a user’s current credit situation and create a clear and achievable path to approval.

This enables you to service customers you would not have initially been able to serve and helps you to build new relationships without taking on additional risk.

Approve more applicants

In most cases, you’re
rejecting a majority of the applications coming to you. Instead of just saying “no”, provide a solution to
say “yes”.

Keep your existing customers

Find opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell to your existing customers.

Reduce the cost of new customer acquisition

Decrease the amount you spend on generating new accounts by improving the applicants you would normally decline.

Improve customer relationships

Engage with your customers by providing them deeper credit insights to boost financial literacy.

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