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How it Works

Every day, Curu checks your spending habits and analyzes the best opportunities for you to improve your credit score. Curu then processes these payments from your debit card to credit balance with the proper timing and amount to optimally improve your credit score.

Right Time

Have your credit balances paid off at the perfect times to help your credit score.

Right Amount

The best payment practices are applied to your credit balances.

No Worries

Have peace of mind; knowing that Curu analyzes your financial standing before any payment is executed

No Effort 

Curu does all the work. Just sit back and smile as your credit score is maximized.

Meet the team

Abb (COO) and David (CEO)

Our Story

At the age of 18, David and Abb were enthusiastic to get their first credit cards, but soon after realized that they weren’t fully prepared on how to manage credit. To meet this occasion, David and Abb asked friends and family for advice, but to no avail, their peers were just about as clueless they were. 

Finding many of their peers asking them for advice when dealing with credit, it became clear that credit is a subject that is gray to many people.  The team resonated with this problem and eagerly decided to take matters into their own hands and thoroughly dissected all of the nuances of credit.

Gaining certifications in credit counseling, the Curu team has successfully improved the financial standings of our clients. From here, they aim to take their solution to scale and have developed The Guru System. The Guru System is an algorithm that applies the best credit-wise practices and tricks to the user's credit lines to effortlessly improve their credit score. This system focuses on processing payments and has proved to be an intuitive solution for optimizing the user's credit score.

Curu will fight on your side to change how credit is managed, and improve your financial life!

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